Slaves to Darkness

26 Feb

I’m trying to get back into this blog. This is because I notice how much fun I have reading other blogs and notice that it motivated me to doe more hobby wise. Which is a good thing, since, after having moved to another country for my job I am not really playing that much anymore… 😦 Sometimes I have friends visiting or I bring my models to them and we play a game, but this is less then once a month. The last time we playes a big battle, which I have already posted at the Lead Adventure Forum, but to get back into my blog I’ll be posting it over here as well.

Deep in a dark and desolate part of the chaos wastes the ground started breaking up. Some of the rotten bleak trees that were weeping blood slowly started to topple over as rocks get pushed out of the earth. Some of rock looked like they were carved as bog skulls. As the other rocks, earth and mud fell away, slowly an old temple was rising. One of the legendary temple of skulls was bursting from the earth. Unholy Power flowed like the wind through trees en columns alike. Slowly in the middle of the temple, a form solidified. A malign darkness surrounded the temple making it hard to observe what was forming. Slowly the darkness setlled, leaving a casket that had en unearthly glow. It was only clear that whatever the dark gods had created was very powerfull and a boon for any warlord to be on the deamonic battlefields and beyond.

Lighting suddenly struk from the bloodred sky and the presence of the casket was announced. Let the games begin!
And so started our weekend as we tried our hands at having a fun gaming session as playthings of the dark gods, with one player using the Storm of Chaos Slaanesh cult list and the other the krhornate army from Slaves to Darkness…
The first scenario was a chance meeting by two of the smaller (750 points) warbands of the warlords. The idea was to slaughter as many models from the opposite site. For every 100 VP (rounded up) a player got a reward roll in the main battle. The general needed at least one roll on the character reward table. Units rolled on the dominant atributes table. We used the tables from Slaves to Darkness. No characer/unit was allowed to have multiple rewards.

The second scenarios was a meeting of the scouting forces (750 points) trying to break trhough to the other side. Every unit being in the opposite deployment zone automatically took place in the last battle. Units that were not in the deplyoment zone showed up on a 4+. The troops from the winner showed up on turn 2 and those of the loser in turn 3.

The last battle we were fighting to obtain the casket that was pressent on the temple of skulls. As soon as a unit toched the casket, a war shrine solidified beneath it. The unit capturing it, also immediatly got a roll on the dominant atributes table…  Should the war shrine be destroyed by the other side, then a new shrine formed and control of it would change hands and a new attribute had to be rolled. Attributes rolled earlier were not removed and remained in play. We decided that the casket could not be detroyed, but that the shrine did not have a ward save.  Both of us had 2500 points.

The first battle saw on one side:
1 Chaos dwarf hero, with a flaming sword, enchanted shield and chaos armour. (we actually used runic items, but does not matter a lot for the game)
40 chaos goblins
20 marauders of khorne with hand weapon and shield.
8 chaos hounds,
4 chaos trolls
1 chaos chariot

and on the other side:

18 marauders of slaanesh
12 Devoted (we used corsairs for this) with a lvl 2 magic user
5 dark riders
5 deamonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh
6 Shades

The master of madness is standing in the middle of the (chaos) goblin horde. Probably they are all bickering, if only because they were pressed into service before getting a good paint job 🙂

The forces of Khorne were clearly allready in some sort of frenzy, because they claimed the first turn and did nothing else then running towards the line of the decadent followers of Slaanesh, who only smiled at this predictable behavior.

Both overall commanders looked at each other and decided that the time was right the bring out the baggage train:

Moving in a fashion as only the drug induced can, the main units of the slaaneshi force pulled back while beautiful and at the same time disturbing deamonettes tried circling around the khornate forces. On the other flank, the  dark riders tried the same and also loosened a few shots at the marauders.

During all the manouvering the Blood gods followers started frothing in the mouth and started to come really close, while a chariot tried to guard the rear of the battle line, where the mounted deamonettes were treatening to circle around the army and strike from behind

Calmly the ground troops of Slaanesh stepped back a few feet.

The Khornate forces quickly covered this distance as well:

It was charge or be charged for the Slaaneshi corasirs, who decided to take their chance, while the marauders would cover their flank.

The Chariot in the meanwhile positioned itself between the chaos goblins and the deamonettes on steeds, a noble sacrifice, which  kept the deamonettes at bay for another turn

Some of the corsairs must have stumbled, since they didn’t really move far

While the corsairs did not reache the line, they came clearly within range of the khorne forces and the entire battleline of blood crazed manics started to prepare for charging their hated foes:

All the adrenaline pumping in their veins made them quite fast:

Not completly unsuprsing, the khorne force hit the slaaneshi line as a cannonball.

Leaving no survivors on the other side, bathing in blood and glory

In the last turns, the dark riders shot the unit of marauders to smithereens

Before charging them and wiping them out in the last turn of the game

While we had to count to see how many gifts/attributes each of us would get in the final battle, it was clearly a victory for Khorne.

The Khorne followers ended up with 6 “gifts” and the Slaaneshi with 4


Rogue Munda on halt

24 Feb

While we had a great time playing this ruleset, it did not turn out to work as we hoped. Somehow we couldn’t release the Necroumda feeling (which on its own is not a bad thing)  and didn’t get the Rogue Trader feeling we were looking for.

The system on its own is good and will work fine. The force lists are also fine, however the feeling is just not yet right.

I can think up a few things wich might help and will be looking into that later one when we are back into a rogue trader mood. What might work is not havin experience for your gang, but just decent forces lists. The game should then focus more on playing missions, which need to be written out in more detail or have a good mission generation system. A campaign is till possible, but it would be better to make a campaign system based on the current mighty empires rules set (though off course then using different terain tiles). Hopefully this will have the Rogue Trader feeling.

I’m sorry the campaign sort of just ended without the long term storyline ending nicely. There were a number of plans and I’ll try to write those up as scenarios.

Cheers, Braxs

Celestial Knights encounter Devastation Angels

13 Dec

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/013
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Loyalist marines CC
Celestial Knights
Devastation Angels
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Master Valentinus
Input dated: 1112007.M42
Input clearance: Veteran Master
Thought for the day: Dulce est pro patre mori, dulcior est pro patre vincere
Today we went out to investigate some rumours. There seemed to be an abandoned mining encampment up ahead. Coming upon the site. We saw a road leading through a shanty town. At the end of the road were the mines. They were fortified heavily as if someone tried to protect something valuable. The rumours might prove to be valuable!

I sent out the locals together with Brother Amicor and Brother Rebellius to close in on the fortifications. Brothers Hyperius, Suavementus and Ru took up position in the cente around and on a hill to provide fire support. Brother Diabolus, Halfbrother Acidus and myself took up the right flank. Within minutes we encountered enemy scouts in the fortress. Brother Ru opened up on them. Our rightflank carefully closed in on the fortress. Meanwhile on the right flank we made a bold dash forward. Our enemy quickly reacted on our activities and took up positions. On the right flank we were being fired on from the hilltop. The enemy held the higher ground, but we had to attack. Holding back would bring nothing but failure since the enemy was able to out-shoot us at a distance. Halfbrother Acidus sprinted forward but came under heavy fire. I myself attracted quit some enemy fire. This gave Brother Diabolus the opportunity to fire up his jump pack and land among the two enemy marines. One of them was bold enough to charge him, but he was quickly dispatched. The other marine had taken on Acidus. The scout proved his worthiness to become a marine by quickly taking out his adversary. The right flank was ours!

In the meanwhile on our left flank the enemy launched an aggressive assault. Our brothers took up countercharge position and carefully scanned the surroundings for any enemy activity. When possible they took pot-shots at the advancing enemy. Joe, the local was taken down after hitting nothing but air with his shotgun. Fortunately he was able to crawl back to our lines. Brother Hyperius assisted with his heavy bolter by denying the enemy an unhindered route to our positions. When they were almost upon us we umped them. Rebellius made a ferocious charge and slew his foe in combat.

They had had enough. With their left flank lying in tatters and their Devastator being taken down by Brother Diabolus the enemy decided to head for the hills. Since we were here to investigate the mines we didn’t pursue them. While we had caused quite some casualties among our enemies on our side only Joe had gone down. His face had been horribly mangled by the enemies’ meltagun and rendered one of his eyes useless. With the locals proving to be quite a disappointment it might be time to call for reinforcement, especially since the mines provided us with more leads to follow up on. The Chalice might be within our reach. We have to pursue, failure now is not an option even if it meant death…

Celestial Knights deflect frontal assault by Imperial Fists

13 Dec

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/012
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Intercepted messages
Loyalist Marines CC
Celestial Knights
Imperial Fists
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Master Valentinus
Input dated: 0412007.M42
Input clearance: Veteran Master
Thought for the day: In preparation lies victory

I’m glad to have laid such emphasis on preparing our position for any hostile action. Late this afternoon we were beset by loyalist marines from the Imperial Fists chapter. They must have ran out of supplies for their attack was a desperate one. Initially they made a frontal assault on our supply base. Brothers Hyperius and Amicor were able to lay down a devastating amount of fire on the attackers. Although they suffered few casualties this slowed down their assault. They had however deployed a few man on the flanks to assist in the assault. I saw these might become more then a mere nuissance to our positions. I redeployed my men to counter this threat. Luckily our brothers who were on recon duty arrived back at camp to assist in the defence. Together we were able to drive the attack from our territory without any loses to our team.

A special commendation goes to Brother Diabolus, who furiously fired up his jump pack and cleared one of the flanks by himself. The two locals on the other hand have disappointed me. When the fighting was going on they were nowhere to be seen. But as soon as things cooled down they seemde to appear out of thin air. They seem to be unworthy to become initiates after all.

Clashing Forces

23 Nov

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/011
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Intercepted messages
Lost Worlds LW
Planetary Uprising FK
Traitor Legions WE
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Territorial behaviour
Input dated: 2311007.M42
Input clearance: Inquisitorial decree
Thought for the day: Salvation lies with the emperor
Another transmission has been intercepted. Information sent on to Inquisitor Jonosson.

—-####—- Intercepted Transmission —-####—-

All hail Khorne!!

Our bloody lord has deemed us fit to encounter and slaughter more of the emperor’s chosen! When we were scouting our perimeter we came upon a small group of the Adaptus Astartes know as the Devestation Angels.

clearly they anticipated us, since they cowardly stayed hidden behind walls and were ready to shoot at anyhting moving within line of sight. Only thorugh the brave advances of our cultists could Brethek the Bloody come into contact with a sneaky deployed coward with a heavy bolter. Only a single cultist got shot to pieces during this advance. A noble blood sacrifce which khorne was delighted to receive.

Fearless Leader Rundar went cautiously foward and managed to draw line of sight to two of the angels and devasteted them with his almost overloading plamsa pistol.

The other flank however suffered from stealthily hidden scouts and cautiously advnces marines and their leader. We did likewise, but did not count upon the presence of a fast moving jump pack trooper. We are still not sure where he came from. Immidiatly one of us was in bloody combat. One of the lowly cultists saw this a a chance to show his mettel to Khorne and got rewarded by offering his blood to his lord! It took a number of rounds to take out the assault trooper and in the meanwhile Hragnar took up a position from where he would be able to fire upon the any of the “loyalists” trying to close in.

Their pathetic leader in the meanwhile however had managed to get into a firing position and showed how reliable meltaguns are. We defenitly need one of those! His advance thought, did leave him in the open which resulted in being shot down by bolter fire. This being a turning point in the morale of the devasted Angels, they fled the scene.

During this short but beautifull slaughterfest, Rundar had observed the speed with which jump pack troopers can redeploy or charge. Needless to say he is now on the lookout for one of these. Already Blakthan is studying the neccesary skills and making adjustments to his armour to facilitate for the presence of a jump pack.

We however had forgotten one of the cultists who went down during some mellee and he was captured by the Marines. Luckily for him, they could not get any information out of him. Though we had to spend quite seom resources to get him back, he and two more cultists armed with shotguns joined us.

Khorne will be pleased!!

—-####—- Transmission ending-####—-

As you can see dear Inquisitor, the vile marines of khorne are spreading like a cancer over the planet. They have not been been adequatly stopped and the warband seems to be trhiving and even growing.

We suggest immediate attention to this matter!

Imperial fists enforcing justice.

22 Nov

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/010
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Loyalist Marines CC
Imperial Fists

Celestial Knights
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Sergeant Ioricatus
Input dated: 2311007.M42
Input clearance: Veteran Sergeant
Thought for the Day: No humanity without justice.


Today we received word from trustworthy sources about a blasphemer among the space marine ranks on this isolated planet. This blasphemer said to be named Rue, or Ru or another similarly short name matching his unworthiness, apparently pronounced “The Emperor” with a sarcastic tone.

We, as the most loyal of loyal forces in The Emperors ranks and without any sign of members of the inquisition on this planet, felt it was our first and foremost duty to bring this blasphemer to justice. Using information transferred to us by local inhabitants, we managed to track the blasphemer and his protecting horde to a small encampment where these men were making themselves comfortable. We were shocked to find his horde baring the colours of the honourable Celestial knights. After taking up a perimeter position around the encampment Galea fired a warning shot into the encampment. Due to a malfunction in the heavy bolter that fired the shot, the bolt glanced of one of the Celestial Knights, who, in his weakness, immediately went down. The malfunction of the heavy bolter unfortunately also caused the weapon to blow up in the hands of Galea, who most fortunately managed to use his extraordinary skill in weapon handling to avoid getting harmed.
After the warning shot we send in Volatilis who flew straight to the blasphemes Ru. Volatilis managed to land just a number of yards away from the blasphemer. From here he was going to address the Celestial Knight forces to explain our coming and punish Ru appropriately. However, before the roar of Volatilis’s jump pack had died out the blasphemer Ru and one of his companions charged towards him with their weapons drawn. The first of the attackers managed to strike a blow on Volatilis, but empowered by righteousness Volatilis ignored the wound and immediately struck a well aimed blow to the blasphemers head. The weak and unworthy opponent immediately went out of action.
With our task completed we retreated, regretting that isolation so quickly dissolves loyalty to the emperor and with this in mind, the knowledge that we will have a tremendous task at hand.
The most loyal of loyal servants of the emperor,


Sergeant Ioricatus

Renegade forces are growing

22 Nov


Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/009
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:

  • Loyalist Marines CC
  • Traitor Marines WE
  • Interrogation Methods TO
  • Heretic Cults CH
  • Devastation Angels [Adeptus Astartes Chapter DA043]Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
    Input Ref: Scout Adept Spark
    Input dated: 2211007.M42
    Input clearance: Veteran Adept Exciter

    Thought for the Day: A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn

    The renegade forces seem to be growing. Two days ago we clashed with the same group of traitor marines we have observed before. This time they were more numerous, it appears they have ignited the foul lure of chaos in the dark underbelly of Free Kago. We know from previous records that such cults grow in number quickly, especially on uncivilised plantes like Logans World. The whole population may succumb to chaos if we let down our guard. It started when me and Steeler were reconing the outer regions of our territory, we spotted some cultists scouting out the territory, they must think we would yield our ground easily. We contacted our Brethren who came to the aid, by the time they got here, the traitor forces had grown to greater strength as well. We proceeded with caution. Exciter gunned down one of the traitor marines, burning a hole in the defiled power armour. Me and Steeler guarded the south passage through the terrain.On the north Iggy, Fidel and Favian closed in with a group of cultists, hanging around what appeared to be a World Eater marine, they tried taking out the cultists first so they could clear secure a line of fire to the foul traitor. Unfortunate grimaced at them as their shots were dodged by the cultists. They overwhelmed Iggy and from the West Fidel and Favian were also shot at. On the South Brother Maximilian assaulted a traitor marine with great speed and efficiency, he was rewarded by a counterattack, and was hit and knocked unconscious.

    Me and Steeler advanced around the corner of the passage, but in the brawl we did not expect to see two fully armoured traitor marines waiting for us. Our shots failed to inflict but the slightest damage, Steeler was hit, and so was Exciter. We retreated as fast as we could to lick our wounds, our disadvantage was too great. When we later returned to the site we found a cultist, left for dead. We captured him and robbed him of his resources. We interrogated him but the taint of Chaos must have demolished his intellect. He did not provide useful information. We dumped him in the outskirts, we don’t think he will get back to the cult alive.

    With the growing of the chaos cult the time has come to expand our numbers. We must search for those pure of body and mind. Then we may show them the way of the Emperor our Lord, and he may receive extensive Combat Training. Only then may we hope to counter the growth of Chaos.