Imperial fists enforcing justice.

22 Nov

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/010
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Loyalist Marines CC
Imperial Fists

Celestial Knights
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Sergeant Ioricatus
Input dated: 2311007.M42
Input clearance: Veteran Sergeant
Thought for the Day: No humanity without justice.


Today we received word from trustworthy sources about a blasphemer among the space marine ranks on this isolated planet. This blasphemer said to be named Rue, or Ru or another similarly short name matching his unworthiness, apparently pronounced “The Emperor” with a sarcastic tone.

We, as the most loyal of loyal forces in The Emperors ranks and without any sign of members of the inquisition on this planet, felt it was our first and foremost duty to bring this blasphemer to justice. Using information transferred to us by local inhabitants, we managed to track the blasphemer and his protecting horde to a small encampment where these men were making themselves comfortable. We were shocked to find his horde baring the colours of the honourable Celestial knights. After taking up a perimeter position around the encampment Galea fired a warning shot into the encampment. Due to a malfunction in the heavy bolter that fired the shot, the bolt glanced of one of the Celestial Knights, who, in his weakness, immediately went down. The malfunction of the heavy bolter unfortunately also caused the weapon to blow up in the hands of Galea, who most fortunately managed to use his extraordinary skill in weapon handling to avoid getting harmed.
After the warning shot we send in Volatilis who flew straight to the blasphemes Ru. Volatilis managed to land just a number of yards away from the blasphemer. From here he was going to address the Celestial Knight forces to explain our coming and punish Ru appropriately. However, before the roar of Volatilis’s jump pack had died out the blasphemer Ru and one of his companions charged towards him with their weapons drawn. The first of the attackers managed to strike a blow on Volatilis, but empowered by righteousness Volatilis ignored the wound and immediately struck a well aimed blow to the blasphemers head. The weak and unworthy opponent immediately went out of action.
With our task completed we retreated, regretting that isolation so quickly dissolves loyalty to the emperor and with this in mind, the knowledge that we will have a tremendous task at hand.
The most loyal of loyal servants of the emperor,


Sergeant Ioricatus


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