Renegade forces are growing

22 Nov


Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/009
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:

  • Loyalist Marines CC
  • Traitor Marines WE
  • Interrogation Methods TO
  • Heretic Cults CH
  • Devastation Angels [Adeptus Astartes Chapter DA043]Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
    Input Ref: Scout Adept Spark
    Input dated: 2211007.M42
    Input clearance: Veteran Adept Exciter

    Thought for the Day: A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn

    The renegade forces seem to be growing. Two days ago we clashed with the same group of traitor marines we have observed before. This time they were more numerous, it appears they have ignited the foul lure of chaos in the dark underbelly of Free Kago. We know from previous records that such cults grow in number quickly, especially on uncivilised plantes like Logans World. The whole population may succumb to chaos if we let down our guard. It started when me and Steeler were reconing the outer regions of our territory, we spotted some cultists scouting out the territory, they must think we would yield our ground easily. We contacted our Brethren who came to the aid, by the time they got here, the traitor forces had grown to greater strength as well. We proceeded with caution. Exciter gunned down one of the traitor marines, burning a hole in the defiled power armour. Me and Steeler guarded the south passage through the terrain.On the north Iggy, Fidel and Favian closed in with a group of cultists, hanging around what appeared to be a World Eater marine, they tried taking out the cultists first so they could clear secure a line of fire to the foul traitor. Unfortunate grimaced at them as their shots were dodged by the cultists. They overwhelmed Iggy and from the West Fidel and Favian were also shot at. On the South Brother Maximilian assaulted a traitor marine with great speed and efficiency, he was rewarded by a counterattack, and was hit and knocked unconscious.

    Me and Steeler advanced around the corner of the passage, but in the brawl we did not expect to see two fully armoured traitor marines waiting for us. Our shots failed to inflict but the slightest damage, Steeler was hit, and so was Exciter. We retreated as fast as we could to lick our wounds, our disadvantage was too great. When we later returned to the site we found a cultist, left for dead. We captured him and robbed him of his resources. We interrogated him but the taint of Chaos must have demolished his intellect. He did not provide useful information. We dumped him in the outskirts, we don’t think he will get back to the cult alive.

    With the growing of the chaos cult the time has come to expand our numbers. We must search for those pure of body and mind. Then we may show them the way of the Emperor our Lord, and he may receive extensive Combat Training. Only then may we hope to counter the growth of Chaos.


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