Clashing Forces

23 Nov

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/011
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Intercepted messages
Lost Worlds LW
Planetary Uprising FK
Traitor Legions WE
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Territorial behaviour
Input dated: 2311007.M42
Input clearance: Inquisitorial decree
Thought for the day: Salvation lies with the emperor
Another transmission has been intercepted. Information sent on to Inquisitor Jonosson.

—-####—- Intercepted Transmission —-####—-

All hail Khorne!!

Our bloody lord has deemed us fit to encounter and slaughter more of the emperor’s chosen! When we were scouting our perimeter we came upon a small group of the Adaptus Astartes know as the Devestation Angels.

clearly they anticipated us, since they cowardly stayed hidden behind walls and were ready to shoot at anyhting moving within line of sight. Only thorugh the brave advances of our cultists could Brethek the Bloody come into contact with a sneaky deployed coward with a heavy bolter. Only a single cultist got shot to pieces during this advance. A noble blood sacrifce which khorne was delighted to receive.

Fearless Leader Rundar went cautiously foward and managed to draw line of sight to two of the angels and devasteted them with his almost overloading plamsa pistol.

The other flank however suffered from stealthily hidden scouts and cautiously advnces marines and their leader. We did likewise, but did not count upon the presence of a fast moving jump pack trooper. We are still not sure where he came from. Immidiatly one of us was in bloody combat. One of the lowly cultists saw this a a chance to show his mettel to Khorne and got rewarded by offering his blood to his lord! It took a number of rounds to take out the assault trooper and in the meanwhile Hragnar took up a position from where he would be able to fire upon the any of the “loyalists” trying to close in.

Their pathetic leader in the meanwhile however had managed to get into a firing position and showed how reliable meltaguns are. We defenitly need one of those! His advance thought, did leave him in the open which resulted in being shot down by bolter fire. This being a turning point in the morale of the devasted Angels, they fled the scene.

During this short but beautifull slaughterfest, Rundar had observed the speed with which jump pack troopers can redeploy or charge. Needless to say he is now on the lookout for one of these. Already Blakthan is studying the neccesary skills and making adjustments to his armour to facilitate for the presence of a jump pack.

We however had forgotten one of the cultists who went down during some mellee and he was captured by the Marines. Luckily for him, they could not get any information out of him. Though we had to spend quite seom resources to get him back, he and two more cultists armed with shotguns joined us.

Khorne will be pleased!!

—-####—- Transmission ending-####—-

As you can see dear Inquisitor, the vile marines of khorne are spreading like a cancer over the planet. They have not been been adequatly stopped and the warband seems to be trhiving and even growing.

We suggest immediate attention to this matter!


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