Celestial Knights deflect frontal assault by Imperial Fists

13 Dec

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/012
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Intercepted messages
Loyalist Marines CC
Celestial Knights
Imperial Fists
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Master Valentinus
Input dated: 0412007.M42
Input clearance: Veteran Master
Thought for the day: In preparation lies victory

I’m glad to have laid such emphasis on preparing our position for any hostile action. Late this afternoon we were beset by loyalist marines from the Imperial Fists chapter. They must have ran out of supplies for their attack was a desperate one. Initially they made a frontal assault on our supply base. Brothers Hyperius and Amicor were able to lay down a devastating amount of fire on the attackers. Although they suffered few casualties this slowed down their assault. They had however deployed a few man on the flanks to assist in the assault. I saw these might become more then a mere nuissance to our positions. I redeployed my men to counter this threat. Luckily our brothers who were on recon duty arrived back at camp to assist in the defence. Together we were able to drive the attack from our territory without any loses to our team.

A special commendation goes to Brother Diabolus, who furiously fired up his jump pack and cleared one of the flanks by himself. The two locals on the other hand have disappointed me. When the fighting was going on they were nowhere to be seen. But as soon as things cooled down they seemde to appear out of thin air. They seem to be unworthy to become initiates after all.


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