Celestial Knights encounter Devastation Angels

13 Dec

Commit to: Imperial Record LGWO7/013
Transmit to: Orbital station 42001
Cross file to:
Loyalist marines CC
Celestial Knights
Devastation Angels
Planetary Ref: Logan’s World [EOT]
Input Ref: Master Valentinus
Input dated: 1112007.M42
Input clearance: Veteran Master
Thought for the day: Dulce est pro patre mori, dulcior est pro patre vincere
Today we went out to investigate some rumours. There seemed to be an abandoned mining encampment up ahead. Coming upon the site. We saw a road leading through a shanty town. At the end of the road were the mines. They were fortified heavily as if someone tried to protect something valuable. The rumours might prove to be valuable!

I sent out the locals together with Brother Amicor and Brother Rebellius to close in on the fortifications. Brothers Hyperius, Suavementus and Ru took up position in the cente around and on a hill to provide fire support. Brother Diabolus, Halfbrother Acidus and myself took up the right flank. Within minutes we encountered enemy scouts in the fortress. Brother Ru opened up on them. Our rightflank carefully closed in on the fortress. Meanwhile on the right flank we made a bold dash forward. Our enemy quickly reacted on our activities and took up positions. On the right flank we were being fired on from the hilltop. The enemy held the higher ground, but we had to attack. Holding back would bring nothing but failure since the enemy was able to out-shoot us at a distance. Halfbrother Acidus sprinted forward but came under heavy fire. I myself attracted quit some enemy fire. This gave Brother Diabolus the opportunity to fire up his jump pack and land among the two enemy marines. One of them was bold enough to charge him, but he was quickly dispatched. The other marine had taken on Acidus. The scout proved his worthiness to become a marine by quickly taking out his adversary. The right flank was ours!

In the meanwhile on our left flank the enemy launched an aggressive assault. Our brothers took up countercharge position and carefully scanned the surroundings for any enemy activity. When possible they took pot-shots at the advancing enemy. Joe, the local was taken down after hitting nothing but air with his shotgun. Fortunately he was able to crawl back to our lines. Brother Hyperius assisted with his heavy bolter by denying the enemy an unhindered route to our positions. When they were almost upon us we umped them. Rebellius made a ferocious charge and slew his foe in combat.

They had had enough. With their left flank lying in tatters and their Devastator being taken down by Brother Diabolus the enemy decided to head for the hills. Since we were here to investigate the mines we didn’t pursue them. While we had caused quite some casualties among our enemies on our side only Joe had gone down. His face had been horribly mangled by the enemies’ meltagun and rendered one of his eyes useless. With the locals proving to be quite a disappointment it might be time to call for reinforcement, especially since the mines provided us with more leads to follow up on. The Chalice might be within our reach. We have to pursue, failure now is not an option even if it meant death…


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