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Rogue Munda on halt

24 Feb

While we had a great time playing this ruleset, it did not turn out to work as we hoped. Somehow we couldn’t release the Necroumda feeling (which on its own is not a bad thing)  and didn’t get the Rogue Trader feeling we were looking for.

The system on its own is good and will work fine. The force lists are also fine, however the feeling is just not yet right.

I can think up a few things wich might help and will be looking into that later one when we are back into a rogue trader mood. What might work is not havin experience for your gang, but just decent forces lists. The game should then focus more on playing missions, which need to be written out in more detail or have a good mission generation system. A campaign is till possible, but it would be better to make a campaign system based on the current mighty empires rules set (though off course then using different terain tiles). Hopefully this will have the Rogue Trader feeling.

I’m sorry the campaign sort of just ended without the long term storyline ending nicely. There were a number of plans and I’ll try to write those up as scenarios.

Cheers, Braxs